Lady Tiffany’s Pussy and Ass Gets Takes a Tonguing

Posted on December 9th, 2014


Brunette Lady Tiffany is dressed in a red vest, tartan skirt, stockings, black boots and sporting a slightly hairy pussy. This clip starts off with the wimpy guy fully naked on the bed and having her pussy rubbed in his face with her short skirt hoisted up.
As shes enjoying it so much, she starts to rub her clit while he laps away at her pussy. Tiffany then pulls his hands up over her her breasts where he fondles them – still licking away at her pussy and doing exactly as hes told.


Licking Lady Tiffany


Tiffany decides shes had enough pussy pleasure for now and tells him she wants her ass licked now. He complies immediately and Tiffany straddles over his face and places her asshole over his face where he parts her cheeks and instantly tongues her asshole before some tongue-ass fucking. This continues for a while until shes pops her boobs out and ensures they both get a licking too.



Playing With her Licked pussy



Its then back for some clit licking followed by some French kissing followed by yet more rimming.


Rimming and Tonguing Asshole



Now topless, Tiffany plays and teases his cock and even dribbles spit into his mouth whilst wanking him more and more. A 69 position is made and she sucks his cock while he continues licking her out.
To end the clip, Tiffany milks him of his cum before taking a little in her mouth and French kissing him again.

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Jamie Woods is addicted to cock!

Posted on December 5th, 2014



This scene from Ben Dovers ‘Addicted To Cock‘ features blonde Jamie Woods with a couple of guys and of course, Ben Dover himself.
Jamie starts this scene announcing on boards what a slut she is and she looks great dressed in stockings, heels and lingerie.
Next to her is Pascal and Marino, naked and hard, and Jamie grabs each hard cock.
Shes suck off Pascal while marino pulls her panties to the side and gives her pussy a good licking out.

Then Jamie gets really dirty and rims ass!

Jamie Rimming Ass

Jamie Rimming Ass


After more hard cock sucking, she rims the other guy whilst being pussy fucked in the doggy position.
Her pussy lips are then parted wide and she takes another tonguing before more fucking. One guy then
cheekily slips his finger into her ass – followed by his cock.


Jamie Taking Anal Sex

Jamie Taking Anal Sex

Ben Dover now appears and its all three guys having their way Jamie and double penetration follows.
In between she just takes anal only now its hard and fast.


Jamie Taking Anal Sex

Jamie Taking Anal Sex


Finishing this scene sees a whole lot of cum in and around Jamies well used mouth.
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