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From Gamer Girl to Amateur Porn Star

Posted on December 22nd, 2014

Kylie and Dean

Kylie and Dean make a very cute couple. Both of them love to play video games, and that’s exactly how they met. After a few weeks of chatting, they exchanged pictures, and it was love at first sight! This young couple is constantly horny, and when Kylie started doing some modeling to make some extra money, making the leap into amateur porn was the next logical step since they already love fucking each other so much.


Teasing The Boyfriend


Kylie clearly loves to show off for Dean, and flashes her tits for him in the motel room. This gets Dean going right away, so he pulls off her skirt and buries his tongue in her shaved pussy. As Kylie gets more and more wet, Dean pulls off his pants and she swallows his dick whole! While she’s sucking and licking, she gently fingers her own pussy. When Dean’s cock is nice and hard, Kylie climbs up on top and slides him into her twat.


Riding Her Boyfriend


After fucking and a few different positions, it’s time for some more oral fun. Dean licks Kylie’s freshly fucked pussy, and she tastes her own juices off his cock. Then, it’s time to go into overdrive! Dean gets behind Kylie and starts fucking her tight little twat as fast as he can with Kylie moaning and squealing all the while. Dean likes to cum in her mouth, so he pulls out and they get into a 69 position as he blows his creamy load!



Sucking On His Balls


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The Amazing Dissapearing Cocks

Posted on December 15th, 2014


Keely and Sophie both have an amazing ability to make cocks disappear! Disappear right into their mouths, that is! Long-haired cutie Keely starts things off, stroking Billy’s uncut cock and slowly putting it in her mouth. His balls are already twitching and you can tell he’s going to come in her eager mouth in a second.


Teen Loves Large Cocks

Teen Loves Large Cocks


Her pixie haired friend Sophie seems a little less sure, but it’s only because she’s never done a bukkake scene before. Pretty soon, she’s doing even better than Keely and is swallowing those cocks down pretty far, even deep throating them. She beats Keely to the first cumshot, getting her face squirted with a thick coating of goo right away.


Unloading Over Sophie

Unloading Over Sophie


Not wanting to get behind, Keely steps up her game and starts swallowing the cocks a little bit further. When it comes down to it, though, both girls know that being a cum slut is not a competition! They both kneel to share a sticky load and pose for some pictures before another lucky guy shows up to get his knobs polished, and they decide to share his shaft, too!



The Sharers


Both girls are thrilled when Mike shows up with his big black cock, and soon Keely is ass up on the bed getting pounded in her tight little pussy. Mike has enough cream to go around, and switches places to give Sophie a blast in the face!


Cum Facials

Cum Facials


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