Melons Marie Lives up to Her Name

Posted on January 12th, 2015


Anabel Moon and Melons Marie are proof that sometimes bigger is definitely better! With a pair of double D and a pair of double F tits between them, there’s enough titty in this room to satisfy an army! And satisfying an army is exactly what these ladies are here for!

Melons Marie

Before getting started, Marie says that the secret to growing such large tits is having them covered in cum on a regular basis, and with that in mind, her tits will no doubt be several sizes larger by the end of the night. Marie and Anabel are both in extremely excited to meet the guys, and they love playing together, too! After they suck on each other’s nipples a little bit, the floodgates are open and the guys come rushing in!

Big Butt

Before you can say “jizz,” both Marie and Anabel have a hard cock in their mouth and one in each hand! Marie gets on her hands and knees, her huge, pendulous breasts swaying back and forth and smacking against each other while she sucks. Always eager to show off her melons, she offers the guys a tit wank and even manages to shove a couple of cocks between those big pillows at the same time. Anabel follows Marie’s lead, and tries a tit job of her own. Once she’s got the hang of it, she wraps a cock between her boobs, gives it a big hug, and declares “it’s mine!”

Cleaning Up

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BBW Schoolgirl Teen Gangbang

Posted on January 1st, 2015


While most girls their age are still dating friends from school, BBWs Saphire and Poppy are getting gangbanged by older men! Both of the girls are big and plump with nice juicy titties, and the guys can hardly wait for the fund to begin! Saphire wastes no time and is quickly on her hands and knees sucking off a much, much older man! While her mouth is busy, another guy takes the opportunity to get behind her and start fucking that big juicy booty.




While Saphire is on the bed getting double stuffed, Poppy is getting her floppy pussy fucked by a big black cock. The black guy has a huge appetite and is soon taking a turn at fucking poppy, as well. After the girls have both taken a couple of loads, Saphire lays back and spreads her fat size wide open so that her twat can get fingered.




Suddenly, she starts twitching and screaming and has one of the most massive orgasms we’ve ever seen! She can hardly even seem to catch her breath, but that doesn’t keep her from continuing to suck some cock while she cums!




After several more screaming orgasms, Saphire finishes off the night by laying back and doing some deep throat at the end of the bed. It’s the perfect ending for a slutty BBW cock lover!





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